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What do I need to know about canvases?

The Fortes Change Cloud uses canvases. Canvases are customizable templates for displaying information. This allows you to determine which information is visible in which process step or kanban list or what information is updated during a status update. In this article you can read more about canvases and how to use them.

This article answers the following questions:

What is a canvas?

A canvas is a template for displaying information. You can determine what information is in it yourself. After a canvas template is created, it can be added to a kanban list, a status update or a page customized by yourself.

A canvas of a portfolio item

What is the purpose of a canvas?

A canvas allows you to decide for yourself how information is displayed. The purpose of a canvas is therefore to show and/or request information by step or phase of the process. For example, in the initiative of a portfolio item, you can show information relevant to a business case, while this information is not visible when this portfolio item enters the executive phase.

How do I create a canvas?

  1. Determine what information the canvas should display. Do you want a canvas that displays the relevant information of a business case, or a canvas that shows the reported progress of a portfolio item or project? Depending on your choice, you can think of which segments you want to add in the next step.
    • Hint: Make sure a canvas has a precise purpose. This way you make sure that a canvas does not get too big and that there is no information on it that is irrelevant.
  2. Start creating a canvas template to create a template for the information you want to show. Click Canvassen configureren and then click CANVAS-SJABLOON TOEVOEGEN to create a new canvas template. Enter a name for the canvas template instead of (blank).
  1. Add segments to the canvas by clicking + ADD SEGMENT. These segments determine the content of the canvas. Here you can read more about the different types of canvas segments. When creating a segment the following:
    • Type: defines the type of the segment
    • Title: by giving the segment a obvious name, it is clear for users what information can be found or has to be filled in the the segment.
    • Icon en colour: kies eventueel een icoon voor het segment en kies een kleur. Een icoon kan een idee geven over de functie van een segment, terwijl de kleur een verband tussen verschillende segmenten kan aangeven.
    • Helptekst: een helptekst kan worden gebruikt om meer informatie te geven over de functie van een canvas-segment. Deze helptekst wordt weergegeven bij het segment wanneer het canvas wordt gebruikt.
    • Wanneer je een segment van het type velden toevoegt kun je kiezen of labels worden getoond. Indien je labels laat tonen staat op het canvas-sjabloon naast een veld vermeld om welk veld het gaat. Dit kan bijvoorbeeld handig zijn als je meerdere velden in één segment weergeeft. De label breedte bepaald vervolgens de breedte van het label naast het veld, ten opzichte van het veld zelf. Je kunt er ook voor kiezen labels van velden niet te tonen.
A help text with a canvas segment
  1. Verplaats de segmenten op het sjabloon. Verplaats een segment door het te slepen en maak het groter of kleiner door de rechter-onderhoek te slepen. Op deze manier kun je segmenten groeperen of segmenten meer of minder ruimte geven.
Canvas with reported progress

How do I use a canvas?

  1. Start creating a canvas template,as described above. Make sure the template contains the information you want to display.
  2. Add the canvas template (to a list) to use the canvas. You do this by clicking Canvassen configurerenand then click CANVASCONFIGURATIE TOEVOEGEN.
    • Choose the canvas template you want to add.
    • When you add the canvas on a tab that uses lists, you can choose to add the canvas to one or more specific lists. If you add the canvas to a tab that doesn’t use lists, such as project planning, the canvas is visible to all items on the page.
  1. Het canvas is nu te gebruiken. Klik op een portfolio- of project-item om een canvas te bekijken. Je kunt hier informatie bewerken en bekijken. Lees hieronder meer over het gebruik van een canvas.

How do I use a canvas?

  1. Click a portfolio or project item, or a card to open the canvas. Now you can edit the canvas related to this item or card. Fill in segments, or have them filled in by the relevant person.

Which canvas segment types exist within Fortes Change Cloud?

When you add a canvas segment to a canvas template, you can choose from different types of segments. Each segment has its own purpose and functionality. The segments are described below.


The type Fields can be used to add various fields to a canvas. These are fields such as end date, start date and rank . The Fields segment is an easy way to quickly and conveniently display information about a kanban ticket, a portfolio item or a project. The list of fields consists of standard fields (fields that are set by default in Fortes Change Cloud) and custom fields (fields specific to a project or portfolio within your organization). It is therefore possible that a custom field is visible in a project, but not in a portfolio, or vice versa.


The type list allows you to create your own overview with different columns. This way, different object types, such as goals or actions, can be added. This segment type is mainly used to create an overview that does not yet exist.

Financial estimate

A segment of the type financial estimate adds an overview of the financial categories from the balancing tab to a canvas of a portfolio item in the portfolio funnel. This way you quickly have insight into the CAPEX, OPEX or other financial category of a portfolio item. This canvas segment type can only be used in the Portfolio app.

Objectives estimate

The objective estimate type provides an overview of the contribution of the current portfolio item to the objectives set. This information comes from the balancing tab. This canvas segment type can only be used in the Portfolio app.

Frequently asked questions about canvases

Help, a field in one of my canvases has already been filled in.
That’s right! Some information is retrieved from other tabs. For example, a lot of information in the Portfolio app comes from the Balancing Tab.
Help, I can’t customize a field in my canvas.
Often this is a field that contains important information from another tab. This information can be adjusted in one place, to avoid confusion and unintended adjustments.
Help, the field I need doesn’t exist yet. Can I create a field and add it to a canvas?
Yes, definitely! If you want to add a field that is not (yet) in the field list, you can create a custom field. Ask the functional administrator of Fortes Change Cloud within your organization if they can do this.
Can I copy a canvas to another app in Fortes Change Cloud?
The answer to this question is yet to come.

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