Lezers rol in Workflow-Group

An extension of rights to the ‘advanced approval workflow module’ has been realized.
By adding the ‘Readers’ role, stakeholders can be given the ability to read all started and completed workflows related to a particular Workflow Group.

A Workflow Group contains all workflows that belong to a specific portfolio or Organizational Unit, for example.

Example application

By giving members of, for example, the Portfolio board read access to a Workflow group, they can see the status of all ongoing workflows and the approval including comments made of completed workflows.

How to set up

A Workflow Group Coordinator or the FCC System Administrator have access to the “Approval Workflow app” in the FCC.

There, click on the ‘CONFIGURATION’ tab.

Here, choose the Workflow Group to which the reader should be added.

Once the Workflow group is open press the ‘Members’ button and add the desired ‘Readers’.

From the moment the user is added as a reader, they can view all started and completed workflows related to the respective Workflow Group.

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