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How do I manually choose an approver for workflows?

You can now send a workflow to any user, even if they are not a manager or are in a different group, for example. If you want to send a workflow to a specific user, you can do this via the Approval Workflows app:

  1. In the Approval Workflows app, click on configuration and select the correct group.

  2. Then choose the correct category.

  3. In Step 1, set the Approval step type and choose the desired approval method (sequential; parallel – all must approve; or parallel – one approval is sufficient).
  4. Under Completed by choose the option Persons that are selected by workflow initiator and create a Label, for example “Approvers”.

  5. Create a new workflow in the app dashboard by clicking Add workflow.

  6. Enter the title and an optional description, choose the right project, the right group and the corresponding category.
  7. Then the new Approvers label will appear. Select the users you want to set as approvers here.
  8. Enter the rest of the data and send the new workflow.

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