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How do I use milestone planning in the Portfolio app?

  • With the milestone planning in the Fortes Change Cloud you plan portfolio items in a schematic overview. This not only provides more insight into the feasibility of a schedule, but it also provides clarity throughout the organization.
  • The Portfolio milestone plan provides a portfolio manager with insight into the progress of milestones of the projects within the portfolio.
  • The portfolio manager can define the most important milestones under a project (as a sub-item) and possibly define dependencies between projects and / or milestones.
  • As soon as an initiative or project is created in the portfolio funnel, it will also appear in the milestone schedule.

Functionalities of the Milestone Schedule

  1. Plan portfolio items by dragging them to the correct period. Click and drag the end of a planned portfolio item to make the planned period longer or shorter.
  2. Organize the planned items according to the Gantt principles; place the items that start first at the top and make sure the planned items form a line from top left to bottom right (EXAMPLE). Read more about using a Gannt chart at What is the best way to use a Gantt chart?
  3. Add subitems to divide a portfolio item into various important elements. Sub-items can be used to include sub-processes in the planning, but also to display important milestones.
    • Click the +code> next to a portfolio item to add a sub-item to the portfolio item.
  4. Add dependencies between portfolio items to indicate that a portfolio item can be started when another has ended. Adding dependencies creates clarity in the planning and creates overview.
    • Add a dependency by clicking in the end of a portfolio item, dragging the cursor with the dependency to the desired portfolio item and releasing the mouse.
    • When a dependency is red, the second item starts before the end of the first item. If a dependency is black, then the schedule is correct!
  5. Set filters to show only specific portfolio items. This can clarify the overview and increase the insight.
    • Click on FILTERS and ADD FILTER to set a filter.
    • Save the current filter or set of filters as a view by clicking on ADD VIEW .

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