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How do I use baselines in the Portfolio app?

A portfolio manager can check in the Portfolio app whether the planning of various projects continues to meet the set milestones. A project manager does the same for his project in the Project app:

  1. Once the portfolio manager has defined his milestones including planning, this planning can be saved as a baseline. That means these dates are remembered / stored.
  2. If the project manager then reports on those milestones and the due date of a particular task or milestone has shifted from the baseline, this will become clear to the portfolio manager.
  3. The initial baseline is visible as a thin line underneath the current planning. This way, it is clear to the portfolio manager that the schedule has deviated from the initial baseline.

    A schedule that is in line with the initial baseline looks like this:

    A schedule that has shifted from the initial baseline looks like this:

  4. Under the button filters you can set which baseline is displayed.

  5. The portfolio manager has the ability to save an initial and a current baseline. In this way, the adjusted planning can also be saved as a new baseline, if the portfolio manager agrees with the changes made by the project manager.

  6. The initial baseline can still be saved to look back on the original schedule.

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