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Which import/export file types are supported?

This article describes which file types are supported for imports and exports.

Supported file types

  • File imports: CSV and XML are supported
  • File exports: CSV, XML and HTML are supported

XML files

  • Fortes Change Cloud and Principal Toolbox both support the W3C XML specification
  • XML files have to be formatted with the root tag <objects> and correctly named object tags; you can use an export to find the correct object tags
  • The import file has to contain all fields that you configure in the field mapping of your import task
  • XML files have to be UTF-8 encoded


                   <Person> 1296</Person>

CSV files

  • Column headers can only contain regular characters or “_” (no special characters, no spaces!)
  • Each line must contain all fields
  • The standard separator is semicolon ‘;’. The separator is configurable in the import task



HTML files

  • This export file type has to be activated by licence key. Please contact customer Support.

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