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Possible error messages with import/export module

Import Task errors:        

Source file not specified.No source file specified
More than one source file match. Filename must be unique.When doclisting is used as source and there are more files that comply.
Source file doesn’t exist. Source file is not accessible
Could not parse XML source file. XML source file is geen geldig xml bestand
Error while trying to read from file: FILE (DIR). Generic error when reading the source file: does not occur when correct
Import map not defined yet. Import task not yet fully defined
ParentFolderType unknown.No valid import parent defined
Application data type not supported!Data type invalid or not defined
Error occured while parsing import map. Import definition invalid: does not occur if correct Application data type in import definitions doesn’t match Application
Date type in the Task.The import task definition is not valid for the home data type of the import task: probably the import task was defined and then the data type was changed without redefining the task
Unique field in import file (Field) not specified. No source field and/or matching reference field entered.
Object values should be encapsulated in <fields> tag.XML import: the fields of the objects in XML must be in a fields tag
Person could not be resolved by reference field FIELD (VALUE). Person cannot be found
Error while processing source file.Generic error message: does not occur if correct
Initialization error (ERROR).Generic initialization error: does not occur if correct

Export Task errors:           

Not a valid path: PATH  When the export location is not a valid directory

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