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New component for lists

The list segments available in the various canvases in the Fortes Change Cloud now use a new technical component. This also applies to the issue and risk logs in the portfolio app and projects app.

The new component works as follows:

Add– To add an item, click on the “+ ADD” button. A new blank line will be displayed, enter the required data here.

Delete– Select one or more items by checking the appropriate checkboxes. Then click on the “DELETE” button. A dialog will then be shown to confirm deletion, click on the “DELETE” button to permanently delete the items (here a confirmation dialog will be shown first).

Sorting– To sort the list ascending alphabetically, you can click once on the header of the corresponding column. When you click on the header again, the sorting becomes descending.

Filtering– Filters can be set by clicking on filter button in the column header. Then fill in the required information and then click OKto apply the filter.

Add or remove column -To add or remove columns from the view click on the “SELECT COLUMNS” button. Apply the desired change in column visibility and then click next to the selection dialog.

Save view – Click on the “SAVE view” button to save the current view. In the displayed dialog, select an existing view or enter a name for a new view and choose the type of the view. Then click OK on to update/create the view.

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