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“Blacklist” for file types in the file upload functionality

Until now, it was possible to upload all types of files into Fortes Change Cloud. Despite the fact that files in Fortes Change Cloud are only uploaded and downloaded again and cannot be executed in the application, this is undesirable from a security perspective.

Therefore, a “blacklist” of file types that cannot be uploaded from now on has been added. For this purpose, Microsoft’s blacklist was used as a starting point: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/blocked-attachments-in-outlook-434752e1-02d3-4e90-9124-8b81e49a8519

If you now upload a file of a type on that appears on the blacklist, the following message will be displayed:

If files were previously uploaded to Fortes Change Cloud of a type that is now disallowed, the file will be retained in the application. Thus, files of a blacklisted type are not actively deleted.

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