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Let’s get started: how do I track issues in my portfolio?

Track the issues of a portfolio in the Issues tab or the Portfolio app in the Fortes Change Cloud. Not only is it easy to keep track of all issues in the same place, it is also useful to keep track of where all other relevant information about the portfolio is.

This article answers the following questions:

What is the purpose of the issues tab in the Portfolio app?

The issues tab in the Portfolio app allows you to document all issues that come up within a portfolio. In addition, it offers the possibility to keep track of all relevant information about the issues, for example the type of issue, the status of the issue and the date that the issue was created. The list of issues can also be exported to a spreadsheet program, so that the issues can easily be shared with people who do not have access to Fortes Change Cloud. Issues can easily be tracked and displayed in a well-arranged manner in this tab.

How to use the issues tab?

  1. Decide which information you want to document and add the information as columns by clicking COLUMNS and selecting the desired columns. These are columns that provide more information about the issues. You could, for example, choose to add the column Last edited on to display the date the issue was last edited. Example of the columns:
    • Type displays the type of the issue. This information can be used to decide the next step.
    • Status indicates if an issue is solved or not.
    • Owner enables the possibility to appoint a person to an issue.
  2. Add an issue by clicking +. Enter a description and fill in the remaining columns.
  3. If needed, use a filter to filter the issues. Using a filter creates more insight, because it can be used to show only the relevant issues at that moment. You could also opt to use a view if you want to re-use a filter or set of filters.
  1. Export the issues to a spreadsheet program   to share them or to send them to people that don’t have access to Fortes Change Cloud.

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