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How to run Tomcat service as a different user

Normally, the Tomcat service will run under the administrator account. When running the Tomcat service as an other user, this service can be started or stopped by the configured user, without administrator rights. This may help you ensure the server consistency.

1.Open the Windows services. 
2.Locate the Tomcat service and pen properties of the Tomcat service by right-clicking and select Properties.

Note: The typical Tomcat service of the Principal Toolbox application is: Apache Tomcat Tomcat8PT.

3.There will pop up a window with the service properties.
4.Click the tab Log On.
5.Select by Log on as: This account. Fill in a local username or a domain username. Save the settings by clicking the OK button
6.Restart the Tomcat service.

Note: During restart users will be logged off and need to reconnect to the application!

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