How do project models work?

When using project models, it is possible to set whether projects continue to follow the project model’s set-up, or whether the project manager has the rights to adjust the project set-up himself. These permissions can be set for tabs, canvasses and Kanban lists.

When a project is started, the project model settings are transferred to the project. When the project manager is not allowed to change the settings of his / her project from the project model, all changes made in the model will automatically be applied to all projects based on that model.

  1. Go to your OU via Start.

  2. Select the Models tab. Under the heading Project models you can adjust an existing model or create a new project model.

  3. Click on the project model to adjust the settings and click on the Project model settings button at the top right of the screen.

  4. A pop-up will then appear in which you can set the rights of the project manager. You can choose to give the project manager rights to adjust the visibility of tabs, edit canvasses and / or edit Kanban lists.

What is the effect on existing projects if the settings are adjusted?

Activating the above settings, where the project manager has rights to adjust the settings in his / her project, will lead to the following behavior:

Project managers can overrule visibility of tabs

If the project manager is given rights to set the visibility of the tabs, the tabs will initially be visible as can be set in the model. The project manager can then switch tabs on or off via the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen.

When the option to set visibility is disabled by the project manager, the projects based on the respective model will start to follow the settings of the model. The visibility of the tabs as set by the project manager will be overwritten.

Project managers can edit canvasses

If the manager is given rights to edit the canvasses himself through the settings, the canvasses will revert to the settings as they were at the start of the project. Then the project manager can, for his / her projects, adjust the settings of the canvasses for the following items:

  • The overview tab
  • The canvasses of the products in the Project planning tab
  • The canvasses for the frames on the kanban board

When the option for editing the canvasses is disabled by project managers, for existing project, based on the relevant model, the canvasses will be taken over from the project model and the custom canvasses will no longer be visible by the project manager.

Project managers can edit Kanban lists

If the project manager is given the rights to edit the kanban lists, the next time the kanban tab is opened, you will be asked to place the existing items (again) in one of the columns. Subsequently, adjustments made in the model will no longer affect the existing projects.

When the option for editing the kanban lists by project managers is disabled, the lists as defined in the project model will be applied to all existing projects based on the respective model. Also after this, the project manager will be asked to place the existing items in one of the lists again the first time the kanban tab is accessed.

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