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How do I create project models for standard projects?

  1. Go to your OU via Start.

  2. Select the Models tab.
  3. Under the heading Project models you can adjust an existing model or create a new project model.

  4. If you have already made project models for the standard projects, they will first be opened in classic mode. Via the mode switcher you can convert the project model to a project model for standard projects. After you switch the project model, the model appears in the correct list and opens in the new Project app by default.

When you start a project, only the relevant models come up. A distinction is made between classic project models and standard project models.

You can create a new project in the Project app:

  1. Go to the Project app and choose + Project toevoegencode>.
  2. Choose to create a classic project or a standard project. Depending on the type of project, you will see the matching project models that you can choose from.

You can also create a new project via a canvas in the Portfolio app:

  1. Go to the Portfolio app and open a canvas (card) in the Portfolio funnel.

  2. Click on START EEN PROJECTcode>

  3. Fill in all the details.
  4. If you now want to select a project model, you get a choice of all existing project models, split into classic and standard models.

  5. After creation, the data from the chosen project model is copied (once) to the new project.

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