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What are the functions of the different canvas segment types?

Fortes Change Cloud uses canvasses to provide portfolio items with information, display relevant data and report status updates. This article explains the different canvas segment types.


The type Fields can be used to add various fields to a canvas. These can be predefined fields, such as end date, status or planned costs, but also custom fields from the balancing tab can be added.

Financial estimation

A segment of the type financial estimation adds an overview of the financial categories from the balancing tab to a canvas. This gives you quick insight into the CAPEX, OPEX or other financial category of a portfolio item.


The type grid allows you to create an overview with different columns. Different object types can be added in this way.

Objectives estimation

The type objectives estimation provides an overview of the contribution of the current portfolio item to the objectives set. This information comes from the balancing tab.

Text with formatting

This type adds a formatted text or image to a canvas. This can be used to display important information about a portfolio item or a process step.

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