Synchronising milestones

Synchronising milestones from portfolio planning with project planning

The milestones created in the Portfolio Planning can be synchronised with the Project Planning. That is to say:

  • The milestones created in the Portfolio Planning can be passed on to the Project. This allows these Portfolio Milestones to be included in the Project Planning.
  • Once included in the Project Schedule, the planning data (start and end date, percentage completed, etc.) for these milestones can be automatically synchronised from Project to the Portfolio with each (monthly) report. The portfolio planning is then automatically adapted to the actuality of the project planning.

Include portfolio milestones in a Project Schedule

Please note that the synchronisation of Milestones between a Portfolio and a Project is done using the ‘Milestone Segment’ that can be included in the Portfolio reporting. Ask the Portfolio administrator to add this.

With the following steps, the Milestones from the Portfolio can be transferred to a Project Schedule:

  1. Send a Report Request from the Portfolio to the Project: this must be done by the Portfolio Manager/Support Person.
  2. Open the Project and go to the ‘Portfolio Reporting’ tab
  3. Add the Portfolio Milestones to the Project Schedule by doing the following:

The report states the above. Press the text ‘NO SYSNCHRONISATION WITH PROJECT PLANNING’. The following pop-up is displayed:

Choose the option ‘Automatic synchronisation with project planning’.
It now checks whether there are already plan items in the Project Planning with the same name. These are then automatically linked to the Portfolio Milestones of the same name. For the milestones that are missing in Project Planning, the following dialogue will be established:

To include the Portfolio milestones in the Project planning click on ‘Add missing items to project planning’. The milestones have now been added to the bottom of the Project Schedule. The Project Manager can now move them to his desired place in his Project Planning.

==> If this is done, synchronisation will be automatic from now on.

Attention! The synchronisation is by name: it is therefore important that the name of the milestone on the Portfolio side remains the same as the name on the Project side.

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