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Let’s get started: everything about the Strategy app

Good communication is the key to successful collaboration within an organization. The Strategy app of Fortes Change Cloud is a handy tool for clarifying communication. The Strategy app helps in communicating a strategy from an organization or organizational unit to its employees.

This article answers the following questions:

What is the goal from the Strategy app?

When you create a new strategy in the Strategy app, four domains are created. These are Financial, Internal Processes, Learning & Growth and Customer. Objectives can be added to these domains in order to visualize the strategy. Visualizing a strategy provides insight and ensures clear communication. For example, it is easy to use the Portfolio app to report on the objective of generating 30% more leads, an objective that would fit into the strategy of a growing IT company.

Where do I use a strategy?

The strategies in the Strategy app are used in a few places:

  • In the Portfolio app the objectives of a strategy can be linked to a portfolio to gain insight into the performance of the portfolio per objective.
  • In the Insights app you get insight into the progress of different objectives.

Of course, a strategy does not have to be used in combination with another app. A strategy can also be used independently; as a means to create insight into the objectives of an organization (unit).

How do I create a new strategy?

  1. Start adding a new strategy by clicking Strategie toevoegen on the Strategy app home page. Enter a name for the new strategy and select one or more managers of the strategy. Click on the strategy to open it.
  2. Consider in which domains you want to place the objectives of the strategy and rename the domain names if you want. . When creating a strategy, the domains Financial, Internal Processes, Learning & Growth and Customer are automatically created. If these domains do not meet your wishes, you can rename them by clicking on the domain name and entering a new name.
  3. Add goals to the domains by clicking on DOELSTELLING TOEVOEGEN within a domain and entering an objective. It is useful to choose a name that immediately makes clear what the objective is.
  4. Change the appearance of the objectives by dragging an objective to a new position within its domain or making it larger or smaller from the lower right corner. Also adjust the color by clicking on an objective and clicking on Kleur wijzigen.
Editing objectives

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