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How do I use the Strategy app?

Do you want to clearly communicate the strategy of your organization to all employees? Visualize the strategy and its objectives by dividing them into different domains. The Strategy app of the Fortes Change Cloud helps you to visualize a strategy and ensures that it can be used in portfolio management.

  1. Create a new strategy if you have not created a strategy yet. A strategy brings the company or organization-wide objectives into focus by dividing them into four domains.
  2. Rename any domains. When creating, the domains Financial, Internal Processes, Learning & Growth and Customer are created.
    • Rename a domain by clicking on the name of a domain and entering a new name.
  3. Add goals to the domains by clicking ADD OBJECTIVE in a domain and entering an objective.
  4. Change the appearance of the objectives by dragging an objective to a new position or making it larger or smaller from the lower right corner. Also adjust the color by clicking on an objective and clicking on CHANGE COLOR.

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