How does archiving a project work?

Fortes Change Cloud offers the possibility to archive projects, portfolios and items. The archive thus contains all projects, portfolios and items that are not in use anymore. But how do you archive an item? And how do you recover it?

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What does it mean when I archive a project?

When you archive a project, you put it aside with the possibility to recover it. You can compare it to putting a file in a file cabinet; the chances are slim that you still need the file, but you don’t want to throw it away just yet. In Fortes Change Cloud you can do the same with a project or with a portfolio, or with a portfolio- or project-item. This way you can archive an item, but you can always restore it.

It is also possible to delete a project, portfolio of item permanently. If you do this, you cannot restore it! You should be absolutely sure before doing this.

The archive of the Project app

How do I archive a project?

  1. Decide which project you want to archive and navigate to the homepage of the Project app.
  2. Archive the project by clicking the options menu of the project and clicking Archive.
  3. The project is archived now. Click Archived projects to see open the archive. Here you find all archived projects.

How do I recover an archived project?

  1. Open the archive on the homepage of the project app. Do this by clicking Archived projects.
  2. Select the project you want to recover and click Restore.
  3. The project is recovered now. The project can be found with the active projects and can be used as normal again.
Recovering of a project

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