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How do I work with the custom layout tab in the Project app?

The custom layout tab enables you to create an overview the way you want. It enables you to create insight in a project or to update others on the status and progress of a project. On this tab you can create the overview that suits your organization!

This article answers the following questions:

What is the goal of the custom layout tab?

The custom layout tab can be used to create the overview you were missing in the Project app. You can use the tab to display information specifically relevant to your organization, or to displays the issues and risks of the project on one page. An layout is created by placing canvas segments on the page. These canvas segments can display diverse information and can be positioned the way you want. This is the reason the custom layout tab is much like the canvasses that are used in, for example, the portfolio funnel in the Portfolio app or on the kanban board in the Project app. Read more about canvasses on What should I know about canvasses?.

Which different canvas segments can I use?

A canvas is made up of different segments. By combining these segments you can create the overview that suits your organization. This tab uses the following canvas segments:

  • Fields
  • List

The different canvas segments each have their own function and purpose. Do you want to know more about the functions of the canvas segments? Read: What are the functions of the different canvas segment types?

How do I use the custom layout tab?

  1. Decide which information should be displayed on this tab. You can choose to display general information about the project on this tab. However, you could also create a financial overview or display information that is relevant for all members of the project.
  2. Add canvas segments by clicking customize pageand then + add segment. Choose the desired segment and add it to the page.
    • Drag-and-drop the segment to move it and use the right bottom corner to change the size of the segment.
    • Hint: use the same colors of segments that contain information that goes together. This ensures a better overview.
    • More information about creating canvasses and about canvas segments can be found on What should I know about canvasses?
  3. Save the page by clicking Save.
  4. Fill in the information as desired. Note that some information cannot be edited on this page or is filled in automatically. It could, for example, be that the start date and end date can only be edited on portfolio level.

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