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How do I start a project from a portfolio item?

You can start an associated project directly from a portfolio item:

  1. Open the card of the portfolio item, of which you want to make a project, by clicking on it.
  1. Then click START EEN PROJECT.
  2. Enter a Name, Organizational Unit, Folder, Project Model and one or more Managers for the project and then click on Project starten.
Note that as the administrator of the application, by definition you get to see all folders. A user must have at least support or manager privileges to see folders reflected in the MAP drop down menu unless the following setting is on:c

> > Managers and allow support on folders to modify underlying projects, programs and folders

This setting transfers the rights to the higher-level objects to the underlying structure.
  1. The project will now be created and can then be accessed via the link (top right) on the card of the Portfolio item.

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