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How can I add scenarios via Capacity Planning?

Scenario planning can be used to investigate changes in data and the associated impact for a portfolio. Using scenarios, managers can rearrange start and end dates and durations of portfolio items and see the impact:

  1. Go to Capacity planning. Select the Scenario checkbox and choose an existing scenario or create a new scenario.

  2. The Scenario column is then added. In that column values can be adjusted by clicking on BEWERKcode>.
  3. You can adjust start and end dates or drag items yourself in time to test scenarios.

  4. In the Gantt you can see the changes compared to the current schedule. The blue lines (baselines) show the original position of plan items.
  5. By clicking Pas dit scenario toe op het portfolio te klikkencode> in the drop-down menu, the current position of the portfolio items will be overwritten and the new scenario will be adopted as the start and end date for the portfolio items.
    • Note: When scenario mode is enabled, column values cannot be edited.
    • Note: The scenario functionalities can only be created and changed by managers. Readers can only view the functionalities.

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