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Hours-app (versie 2022)Hours app (version 2022)

About the Hours-app General – Time recording

With the Hours-app, a user in the Fortes Change Cloud can perform timesheet reporting. This is done by completing weekly statements. Spent hours can be booked on both Project Activities (PA’s)and Non Project Activities (NPA’s).

Hours can be accounted for from the PC in the Fortes Change Cloud and from a mobile device.

A completed weekly statement can be submitted by the user. At that point, an approval workflow is started. For example, the Project Manager can approve the PA hours written on her/his project and the line manager can approve the NPA hours (such as leave, course, work consultation).

Rejected Hour-sheets are presented to the user again with comments from the assessor. The user can correct the rejected lines in the weekly statement and resubmit them. Before being able to use the Hours Register, it must be configured. The configuration can only be carried out by System Administrators.

Accounting for hours with the Hours-app

As soon as you open the Fortes Change Cloud, your personal start page is displayed.
This page contains, among other things, all the weekly statements that need to be filled in.

Another way to access the weekly statements is via the App selector (in the top left corner of the screen).

And then click on the Hours app.

Then a page appears with a tile for each open week state

Open a weekly statement by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Fill in opened timesheet
you have already submitted timesheets, the last items on which you accounted for hours are already pre-filled. You can then easily enter the hours spent on those items: click on the day field behind the item and enter a number.

If there is an item missing on which you want to account for hours, you can add it by clicking on the next button (top right of the screen):

A pop-up will appear showing your selected items from the past weeks. If the item to which you want to account for hours is not in the list, you can enter a keyword in the search bar.

Items matching the search term are displayed. Click on the tick box for the item and then click on the ‘Add rule’ button to add the selected item to the weekly statement.

Check that you have accounted for all hours
In the weekly statement, the total of the hours accounted for per day is shown above the items:

Finalisation – Apply for approval
If the hours for the week in question have been accounted for, approval on the timesheet can be requested. To do so, press the following button (top right of the screen):

The weekly statement may contain lines for which a figure stands.

That is, they are hours written on a Project and the Project Manager will approve these accounted hours.
The rules without this figure are approved by the Line Manager.

Activation of the Uren-app on mobile device

An hours app is available for mobile devices (Phone, Tablet). This is NOT to be installed via the usual app stores, but by carrying out the following steps:

  • Go to the hours app in the Fortes Change Cloud. This via the APP selector
    And then click on the Hours app.

And then click on the Hours app.

  • Copy the URL of the Hours app into the Fortes Change Cloud.
    – Select the entire URL from the top of the address bar in the browser
    – Right-click: with the mouse on the selected URL
    – A pull-down menu will appear: choose the option “Copy
  • Send this URL to the mobile device.
    Paste the copied URL into, for example, an e-mail or Whatts app/Signal/. message and make sure it is available on your mobile.
  • Open the Fortes Change Cloud on the mobile device by clicking on the URL.
    The Fortes Change Cloud opens in the browser on your mobile device.
    As soon as you log in, you will be taken directly to the Hours-app.
  • Install the special Mobile Hours app.
    When you open the URL on the mobile device in the browser for the first time, the screen above appears. It says at the bottom of the screen:

Click here. The following pop-up appears:

Click on “Install” to install the app on your mobile device.
The installation process should now be completed automatically and the app should be ready to use.

Configuring Hour-Recording

, lbBefore being able to use the Hours Register, it must be configured. In this configuration it is determined on which items hours may be accounted for:
e.g. only on Projects or only on Phases or detailed on products in a Project Planning. And are you allowed to write on completed products or only on products that are still running, and who should initial, etc., etc. In short, you first have to think about what you want to achieve with timekeeping and that determines the configuration and that determines how users can account for hours.

In addition, it can be indicated per resource pool whether the employees in that pool must account for hours or not and which configuration they use.

Who can make the Time Recording Configuration
. The Time Recording Configuration can only be made by System Administrators.

Activating the new hours app
. By 2022 (FCC version 12) a new version of the Hours app has become available. In addition to functional improvements, it has a modern layout and is therefore suitable for mobile devices.

The Fortes Change Cloud system administrator can activate the new Hours app by:

  1. Click on ‘Configuration’ (cogwheel at top right of screen)
  2. Under “Options”, choose “Time recording”.
  3. Under “Time recording”, choose “Settings”.
  4. The following screen is displayed:

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