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Realize linkage Fortes Change Cloud and Jira

Create new Jira Connection in Fortes Change Cloud

To interface with a Jira application, the steps below can be followed.
Ensure that an internally hosted version of the Jira application is in place.

The Jira connectivity app contains all the necessary aspects configured
must be made to take advantage of the integral link
with Jira.

  • To do so, click on the app selector (top left of the screen) and click
    tile Jira connectivity.

In the Jira connectivity screen above the list of Jira applications on the left, click + Add Application Link.

This adds a new link and displays the configuration screen for the new link. In this process, a Consumer Key and Public Key are generated for the specific link. These are needed in the follow-up steps.

In the Jira application, click Settings (top right of the screen). Then choose Products from the option list here. This is the place in the Jira application where all links to external application can be created and managed.

On the Application Links in Jira screen, click the Create Link button. This displays a pop-up screen, from which the configuration can be further set up.

On the pop-up screen, choose the Direct Application Link option, entering the Application URL the URL of the Fortes Change Cloud application and then click Continue.

Omdat de basis-URL van de Fortes Change Cloud bij het aanroepen in de browser een
addition get (/jsp/loginForm.jsp) Jira will give a notification for this;
. On this screen, check the Use this URL option and click Continue. Sets up the link with the base URL.

In the screen that is then displayed, further content data for the link can be entered. These are:

  • Application Name: Enter the name of the application to be linked (Fortes Change Cloud) here.
  • Application type: Select General application here
  • Name of Service Provider: Free to fill in
  • Consumer key: Paste the Consumer key generated when creating the link here.
  • Shared secret: Paste the Public key generated when creating the link here.
  • Application token-URL/ Access token-URL/ Authorize URL: For all these 3 fields, enter the base URL of the Fortes Change Cloud application (http://voorbeeld.fortesonline.com)
  • Create inbound link: Check this option

After completing the above information, press Continue.

In the last screen, once again the User key (Consumer key) and the Public key (Public key) must be entered. Also enter the Customer Name here (for this link, Fortes Solutions can be entered here). After pressing Continue, the link will complete in Jira and will appear in the list of application links.

After adding the Fortes Change Cloud application in Jira, the data from the Jira application must then be added in the Fortes Change Cloud (next step).

Under step 2, enter the base URL of the Jira application in the URL field. And then press Test steps 1 and 2.

When the first two steps have been performed correctly, the following message will be displayed:
Steps 1 and 2 are successful
configured. Continue to step 3.

At step 3, click the link next to Authorization URL. This opens a new tab in the browser.

This new tab asks you to allow the Fortes Change Cloud application to be granted read and write permissions in the Jira application. This is needed to retrieve and write away information for linked items in both applications. Press Allow to allow this.

After allowing, a short message is displayed. This includes a verification code. Copy this code and perform the next step immediately (the code is only valid for a limited time).

Then go back to the configuration in the Fortes Change Cloud application and paste the copied verification code into the Verification Code field. Then press Test step 3.

After successfully completing all the steps, the link will be visible in the general overview of the Jira Connectivity app and have the status Available there. This makes the link ready for use in the Team Configurations.

Set up configurations for team setup

After configuring the application link, a team configuration will then need to be set
. Two levels are available for this purpose:

  • Jira teams selectable in Fortes portfolios
  • Jira teams selectable in Fortes programs/projects
    The choice of level depends on the level within the workflows to which the applications connect.

Determine level of information exchange

When full initiatives (within the SAFe framework also known as Epics) are passed to the Jira application, choose to set the configuration at the Jira teams level selectable in Fortes portfolios.
If the linkage is to be realized based on items from the programs or projects (also called features within the SAFe framework), choose to set the configuration at the Jira teams level selectable in Fortes programs/projects.

Setting up configuration for teams

Click on the dots above the list of the level at which information exchange is desired. And from the menu, choose Manage configurations.

The follow-up screen shows the existing configurations. To add and new configuration you can click + Add Configuration.

Enter the name of the configuration in the Name field and under Jira application link, select the link created in the earlier configuration.

Next, choose which issue type to use when creating items from Fortes Change Cloud in the Jira application.

The final step is to set the specific field mapping. This mapping is set separately for information flow in both directions. The number of fields included in the mapping is free.

  • Under Field mapping Jira to Fortes Change Cloud
    the fields can be set. Here, choose
    on the left side, the corresponding field from the Jira
    application and link this with the selection to the
    right side with a field from the Fortes Change
  • Under Field mapping Fortes Change Cloud to Jira
    fields can be set. In doing so, choose
    on the left, the appropriate field from the
    Fortes Change Cloud application and link it with
    the selection on the right with a field from the
    Jira application.
  • After setting the mapping, click
    Create. This saves the configuration and makes it visible in the list;
    configurations. The configuration can then be used to co one or more teams;

Create teams for use in the Fortes Change Cloud

To be able to apply the link with the Jira application in the Fortes Change Cloud application,
will/will need to add one or more teams in the application as a final step.

Adding Jira teams into the Fortes Change Cloud application

To add a team, click + Add Team above the list where a team configuration was created in the previous configuration step.

In the follow-up screen, enter the Name of the team in the Name. sheet; Optionally, a short name (3 letters) can also be added in the Short Name field.

If it is desired to also be able to register time in the Fortes Change Cloud application, the appropriate users can be added in the Members for Time Registration field.

Then, in the Configuration field, select the configuration for teams that was previously created.

After selecting the configuration, the project can be selected from Jira under Jira team board identification fields. In this section step the Project fixed option selected and will need to choose from the available project in Jira.

As a final (optional) step, one or more additional fields . can be added under Jira teamboard identification fields;
are selected that are filled with a fixed value. This is mainly to send along data that drives the filtering of the Kanban boards in the Jira application.

Then click Create to add the team in the Fortes Change Cloud application. The team
is also visible after this in the overview list of teams.

After performing all the above steps, the configuration is complete and the created teams are ready for use in the functional apps of the Fortes Change Cloud.

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