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How to connect with an Active Directory account to the Principal Toolbox database

To access the Principal Toolbox database with an Active Directory account, you have to add the user to the database logins first.

Note: Make sure the database server is member of the domain to search the through the Active Directory users.

Create a new user to access the database. Expand the Security > Logins page to view the database accounts. Here you can add a new user to access the database.

Click the right mouse button on the Login directory in the Object Explorer. In the popped up menu, select the New Login… option to create a new user.

Now fill in the desired fields for the new user. Make sure Windows authentication is selected. Use the Search button to search a user in the Active Directory structure.

On the page User Mapping select the database in the top section Users mapped to this login. In the Database role membership section at the bottom select the db_owner field. Save the settings by click the OK button.

Now open the database.properties file of the Principal Toolbox application in a text editor. The database.properties can be found in the \Application\WEB-INF\classes directory of the Principal Toolbox application.

Add a property called connectionUrl to the database.properties file. Use the example below and change relevant settings.

Fill in the following settings of the database and database server:

host: Specify the host name or IP address of the server where the database is stored. Now use a double backslash to specify the name of the instance.
vendor: The database vendor (Normally this setting don’t have to be changed)
dbPort: Specify the port number to connect to the database server
dbName: Enter the SQL database name where the application can connect to
username: The Active Directory username assigned in step 3
password: Password of the Active Directory user who connects to the database
connectionUrl: The connection URL is build as followed: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://servername:1433/dbName;socketTimeout=86400;cachemetadata=true;domain=DomainName

Note: If you specify an IP address, be sure this is an fixed IP address. So the application can always connect to the database.

Save the database.properties file and restart the Tomcat service from the Windows services manager. Now you can login to the Principal Toolbox again as normally.

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