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How do I use PI Planning in the Agile program app?

In the PI Planning tab, portfolio managers and their product owners can plan items in the sprints of an increment for Jira teams. Only managers and users with a support role can create increments and sprints:

  1. Open the PI Planning tab and create an increment with associated sprints. If you already have an active increment, it will be shown when opening the tab. Managers can delete existing increments if necessary.

  2. After creating the sprints, add (Jira) teams to the PI Planning via Jira teams. All Jira teams in the area can be selected. After adding, a team will appear as a new row in the PI Planning.

  3. Select a list to select associated items (from the Kanban tab).

  4. Drag the items to the desired sprint and the corresponding team or to the backlog.
  5. Dependencies between items can also be made visible by connecting the spheres.
  6. Check off a sprint to complete it. When all sprints are checked, the increment is completed.

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