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How can I add scenarios via the Balancing tab?

Managers can add scenarios to a portfolio via the Balancing tab in the Portfolio app. In the tab a number of items can be selected for a specific scenario:

  1. Select the Scenario checkbox and choose an existing scenario or create a new scenario.
  1. The Scenario column is then added. In that column, values can be adjusted by clicking EDIT or by dragging them to another list.
  1. Move items to another list or check or uncheck items to test scenarios. This way you can determine which items you will or will not perform.
  2. When the scenario mode is turned off (with the checkbox), the items are returned to their original position.
  1. By clicking Apply this scenario to portfolio, the current position of the portfolio items will be overwritten and the new scenario will be adopted.
  1. Note: When scenario mode is enabled, the values of columns cannot be edited.
  2. Note: The scenario functionalities can only be created and changed by managers. Readers can only view the functionalities.

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