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What can you do with the ‘Objectives tracking’ tab?

Keep track of the performance of a portfolio by keeping track of the progress per objective in the Objectives tab. In the overview you can quickly see which objectives need some extra attention and which objectives are going very well. It is also possible to create objectives that are only visible in the current portfolio.

What is the goal of the Objectives tracking tab?

The Objectives tracking tab allows you to gain insight into the performance of a portfolio. This immediately makes it clear whether an objective is being achieved or whether it needs extra attention. You keep track of the performance by entering a target and a realized value for each objective (per month or per quarter). The overview then shows which objectives have been achieved and how far the realized value is from the objective.

Example of the Objectives tracking tab (new image needed)

How do I set the Objectives tracking tab?

  1. Add company-wide objectives by clicking on + behind of strategy. Objectives that are added here are part of a company-wide strategy.
  2. Add goals for the current portfolio by clicking on + behind this portfolio. Use this option to create a local objective.
    • Objectives for the current portfolio can be seen and used throughout the Portfolio app. However, they are not visible in other portfolios.
  3. Set the level of an objective by choosing whether the progress of an objective is measured for the entire portfolio or per portfolio item.
    • Click on an objective and then click on SETTINGS.
  4. Set the score card as desired. Determine here whether a value is green or red when the value is higher than the target.
    • Click on an objective and then click on SETTINGS. The setting is located under Scorecard settings.
  5. Adjust the view to create the desired overview. For example, set the visible years and choose quarters or months in the overview.
  6. Add members to collaborate in this tab. Click on Members and on a + behind a role to add someone to this role.
  7. Enter targets and realized values to gain insight into the performance of the portfolio.

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