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General Improvements for Fortes Change Cloud administrators

For administrators of the Fortes Change Cloud, we have made a few changes.

  • Additional validation on calculations
    Calculations can be included in a (proprietary) field. Should you include things in the formula that are not convenient or cannot be done, there may be a notification about it.
  • Progress bar when recalculating fields
    A (custom) field can contain a formula. Sometimes it needs to be recalculated. For this purpose, a “Recalculate Field” button is present with each field. Once you press this button, recalculation of the field is performed in the background. Because recalculation takes place in the background, it was unclear how long it took. Now when the “Recalculate Field” button is pressed, the button turns gray and a progress bar appears for as long as the recalculation takes. The button cannot be pressed again during recalculation. Also, other fields cannot be recalculated while the recalculation is in progress. This prevents the performance of the Fortes Change Cloud from being negatively affected by many recalculations being performed at the same time.
  • Name of import file is now in the log with the import task:
    When data is imported via an import task, it is done on the basis of a file containing the data to be imported. The import job log now displays the file with which the import job was run.
  • Project model in ‘Default mode’ expanded for timekeeping settings:
    It is now possible to adjust the settings for time tracking in a project model that is in ‘Default Mode’. Previously, this was possible only when the project model was in “Classic mode.
  • Projects can be archived directly from the Projects app screen
    If you click on the App selector (round with the 9 dots) in the upper left corner, you can open the Projects app there. The screen then shows as maps of all the projects you have access to. Provided you have sufficient permissions, you can now archive projects directly on this screen.

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