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How do I provide the items within my process with specific information?

Use canvases to provide portfolio items with specific information. The advantage of canvases is that you can arrange them yourself! It is entirely up to you which information you want to show.

The information in canvases is not isolated. The data is visible in other tabs of the Portfolio app, including the balancing tab, the milestone planning and the capacity planning. If you make a change somewhere, it will be visible everywhere.

How do I create a canvas?

  1. Start by adding a canvas template to create a template for the information you want to display. Click Configure canvasses and ADD CANVAS TEMPLATE to create a new canvas template. Add several segments to the template by clicking on ADD SEGMENT.
    • Do you want to know more about the different canvas segment types? Read heremore about the canvas segment types.
  1. Add a canvas configuration to a process step by clicking Configure canvasses and then ADD CANVAS CONFIGURATION. A canvas can be added to one or more lists.
    • The page layout type ensures that a canvas is visible when you click on a portfolio item. This information can always be edited, but is not visible when a canvas has not been added to the list containing a portfolio item. The canvas becomes visible again when it is in a list to which the canvas has been added.
    • Canvases of the type status update are not immediately visible when a portfolio item is clicked. This canvas must first be started by clicking on Start New Canvas. When the canvas has started, it is located under Status update canvasses. It can be completed and published. A published canvas is always visible, even if the canvas is not added to the list in which the portfolio item is located.
  1. Add custom fields to a canvas by creating them in the balancing tab and displaying them in a canvas (choose the type of fields and select the custom field you have created). Read more about using custom fields at How do I use custom fields in the balancing tab?

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